playing Last Will of the Emtar

Last Will of the Emtar

I have noticed an occasional bug where a tile appears activated when it shouldn't be or vice versa. I believe this is due to server/client async. It doesn't affect the gameplay that much: just rotate the tile back and forth to fix it. Please let me know about any bugs you find.

Online multiplayer games are always a lot of work to balance, and this was no exception. The way I finally settled on is, players can unlock nodes that other players have already unlocked. Since these nodes will tend to already be well defended, it should be pretty easy. You can probably beat the game by just choosing a few well-defended nodes and watching the action.

But for people who want more of a challenge, find some nodes without defenses, build the defenses yourself, and give it a try. If I'd had more time I probably would have added a "decay" mechanism whereby defenses disappear after a time. Anyway, I don't think the game is that hard even if you do this.

The final boss, however, is pretty much impossible to beat alone. (EDIT: no it's not, you can probably beat it alone.) Once you unlock the final boss, you can have any other players join you, even if they haven't unlocked it.

I hope the final cutscene is worth it. :)

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My game server keeps crashing. If you get a connection refused, please let me know. If you signed on before and now it's not letting you, it could be that your login information was lost when I reset the server. Sorry about that, you'll have to start over using:

    python --reset

The problem is I'm running against the 512MB memory limit of my VPS. I don't think it's a memory leak, I think the problem is that I'm using pickling for serializing the server state, and that takes a lot more memory than I expected. I've patched it to use json for now, hopefully that'll fix things. 
This is definitely a learning experience for me when it comes to running a game server.

I haven't changed any of the game logic, but if you want to run the game exactly as it was at the submission deadline, you can run a local server. Instructions are in the README, and I can help if you have trouble with it.