Day 5 - Bit Stressed But..

After not making heaps of progress for 2 days, I was getting a bit stressed. Thankfully I have had a really good night tonight! Maybe I shouldn't have cycled 22 miles... ah well there's always Coke for energy...

Anyway tonight's completed tasks:
1) Tidy up code - moved level code into own class. Bullets in own file.
2) New GFX for player space ship, Big Boss and level backgrounds.
3) Sped up level drawing - 20 less Blits.
4) New Crates Entities with GFX.
5) Get Level 1 together.
6) Game Over screen.

Best of all was two great buzzes:
1) Combining 2 elements in the level design and getting something new. 
2) Having fun playing my own game!