Day 5: Getting there!

Well, today I got pretty close to what I wanted to be the final gameplay and I think Cocos2d is almost under control (I have that feeling, but things work... so never mind).

You can see a preview here:

What is missing in the video? Several things!

 - Display cash and the assets + their price.
 - The graphic of Dr X and Dr Z (and their evil space stations!).
 - AI opponent.
 - Animations when using the assets.
 - Sound effects.
 - Win / lose.
 - A HUD?

Other stuff missing:

 - Game screen bg music.
 - At least one more tile.
 - Options screen (not sure about this; disable bg music?).
 - Intermediate screen before starting the game to select difficulty.
 - Cut scenes.

I asked for a day off at work so I'll have two complete days to finish the game. Looks like I'll be able to deliver! Yay!

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You icons are awesome.