Our game...

It seems with the dead-line we had a few things missing.
I thought I would put them all together here.

I had some miss-communication with our level designer so all of the levels above 3 will result either in instant failure or instant win :/.
email me at roebros@gmail.com if you would like the fixed levels.

The game is missing some documentation in the help pages that tell you how to reconfigure the keys and/or set fullscreen mode....
You can configure any of the keys in the game in the config file, you can alo set fullscreen to true if you want it.
Two rules!(this is partly what messed the levels up :( )
You must have a space or line break between every word,
the ':' is considered part of the description of each key and must be placed next to any identifier, ie(full = full: - for fullscreen)
So to set fullscreen mode you would have

full: true
instead of
full: false

Sorry these werent fixed in the game.

You can also edit any of levels that are there to anything you want,
Adding levels takes more work though ;)
Simply follow the rules specified for the config file above and use the first level as the reference point,
not the level you wish to edit!