Rolling Now

I started a few days late but am on my way now.  You play as a group of survivors frantically fleeing the Nemesis, an all consuming goo.  You can't out run it, but through the sacrifice of your friends you can delay it long enough to escape.  Imagine a top-down scroller with tower defense elements.

The goo spreads through 2D convolution (signal processing FTW).  To make it run fast enough, I start a convolution server (multiprocessing) to process frames in the background.  For added speed, I've decimated the goo mask by half for processing and the resize it back up again for display.  The terrain will scroll under the player (right now, a yellow circle) and is generated procedurally.  Because I can't draw.

Next up adding obstructions, stats and power-ups.  Then on to the tower aspects.

Exciting Grass: The grass scrolls!

Terrain Test

Terrible Goo: The goo grows! 

Progress To Date: Putting it all together.
What passes for a game.

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This is pretty darn cool, looking fowards to seeing how it turns out
Oh sweet! My first PyWeek game was about escaping from grey goo. Yours looks way better. I always wanted to revisit that idea now that I know what I'm doing. :)