ATTENTION: last minute fixes :/

So my game worked great on my platform, but thanks to Phil^ I have discovered I had ONE name bug still. So here are the three bugs you'll need to change if you want the game to be 100% playable on all platforms.
Three Bug Fixes

If you do not want to vote on it because you do not believe in after-deadline fixes like this, no worries :) I just thought it'd be nice to give it out there. I'll also work on a post-compo version.

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Ok, so I also realized my readme.txt doesn't have all of the information needed to understand how the game plays. So here goes a real quick how it works:

Key Controls
  • Up - Activate objects, go through warps, or go up ladders on your level.
  • Down - Move down ladders
  • A - Change player to/from AIM Mode.
  • S - Swith between the gun & the sword
  • Space - Shoot when in AIM Mode.

Gameplay - Shoot enemies for points, use your second weapon (Sword) to destroy/block bullets. The enemies will see you if you're in the light and fire, or if you turn on the lights by activating the control panel. You can also avoid bullet fire by moving out of the current floor. Avoid trapped warps by watching for dogs sitting in warps. Enjoy!

The goal of each level is to activate all of the control panels to unlock the exit. After you do so you advance to the next level.

PS: Levels2-4 are slightly unbeatable because you can't avoid the dogs properly in the traps. Post-Compo I will fix the release, but for now you'll just have to bear with the unbeatable difficulty.