Day 1 or so

So I spent Day 1 coming up with a game idea (which I'll explain shortly), and coming up with a roadmap + schedule. The latter two are something I wished I could've had the last successful Pyweek I participated in, so I made sure to do those first.

My game idea is very similar to the NES game Bionic Commando mixed with a bit of Metal Gear Solid. You get one "weapon" - if it could be called one - a grappling hook. You use the grappling hook to kill enemies as well as move your player through the levels.

However, there is a twist: You must proceed through the levels unnoticed by laser trip wires, security cameras, guards, and various other hazards/enemies. Getting noticed will either end the level immediately unless whatever noticed you has the ability to shoot you - getting shot will end the level.

I don't have any concept art or a GitHub repository to show at the moment. The latter will be created in a few hours when I wake up, and my schedule and so forth should be uploaded along with it.

I've paid a lot of attention to scheduling and structure this time - let's hope it pays off. :)