Day 1 - Having Fun

The last PyWeek was a bit of a drag as I was under the weather so I have been trying to make this one as relaxed and fun as possible. Delighted to say it has been on day one!

I got up, anxious to see the chosen topic and was very surprised to see Nemesis being the chosen theme. After a bit of thinking and Googling I settled on making my own homage to the game Nemesis - an early 90's horizontal scroller. Luckily I have this cart and popped it into my GBA for some 'research'.

First coding step was a simple menu using SGC. Then a simple skeleton for the game and levels. Bit by bit I got a ship on screen and made it flyable. Made a ZAP sound effect too and a bad guy. Little bit of work on the background too. No high innovation just relaxing and enjoying aspects of game writing I usually neglect e.g. sound and GFX.

Development is on a slow little netbook (want this to run on a RaspPi too eventually). I am using Lubuntu, Python 2, Pinta and learning to use GIT. Code is online at

Anyway here's a screenshot:

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Awesome idea! But then, I would say that...

I also had this idea - I love the old Gradius/Nemesis games, and have played them on various emulators over the years (I've been 'researching' with an MSX emulator on my phone today :).

I've worked on my PyWeek game for the best part of the last day and a half and I don't really fancy changing course now - I've not got a huge amount of free time this week. Is that cool with you, daftspaniel?
Stay the course davec - I am sure our games will be very different! Look forward to seeing your take on it :-)