Clarification of Uploading and Rules

Basically, I'm wondering how I upload to pyweek.  Can I just use a file sharing website or must it be done here.  If it has to be done here, can you just use the one file from skellington to upload?

One more thing.  If I understand the rules correctly, you have 24 hours AFTER pyweek is over for you to upload the game.  So basically you have until the following Monday to upload but not work on the game?

Thanks for whoever answers these questions.

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It has to be done here. The link to upload will appear in your entry during the competition and for the 24 hours afterward. You zip up your entry into a single file and upload that on your entry page, or you can use the upload script in the skellington which does the same thing.
Thanks for clarifying the rules.  First timer.  Good luck all.