Updated introduction to PyGame video

Hi all, I gave an updated version of my Introduction to Game Programming at PyCon a little over a week ago. I hope it's of some help :)

The source code is in my bitbucket account as "pygame tutorial."

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Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
I've been testing pyglet recently to use it in this pyweek instead of PyGame and after watching your video I'm not sure if it's a good idea ;)
Do you think a tutorial like this would be possible with pyglet or PyGame is more a "high level" game library?
Great, Thanks richard for sharing a video.
pyglet is a superior library in my opinion but it's not as stable on all systems as pygame is, hence I use pygame in tutorials like this.
You make distribution look so easy in the video Richard! Was publishing for the Android really easier than using py2exe?

The way you used PixelEdt and Tiled together blew my mind. Within the space of 5 minutes you had completely created a new game level. Thanks for giving the talk Richard.
Are the files you spoke of hosted anywhere online, I would love to follow along as if I was there!

Great video so far, and I'm only 30 minutes into it!
I've added a link to the bitbucket repos with the codez :-)

Yes, publishing to Android was easier than py2exe. On the other hand, pyInstaller was also easier - about the same as Android.
I'm (draft) scheduled to give a talk on "Programming physics games with Python and OpenGL" at Europython, so get your tickets now!