30-day library deadline is looming

This Pyweek I'm being relatively organised and getting some of my old code out into libraries in advance.

It's all more or less the standard of code written during Pyweek, and I haven't written tests, but there are docs:

So far I've spun out some geometry code: PyPI Docs

And some crude box-based physics: PyPI Docs

I've also been experimenting with loading models into VBOs and applying vertex and fragment shaders; I have the code working but my eventual intention was to merge all my mesh-generating code from previous games (things like health bars are always a nuisance to rewrite) in such a way that it all works together.

This, like all my other code, is on Bitbucket.

Much of this work depends on various bits of open-source code I've found on the web. I haven't been too careful about checking license compatibility unfortunately, but then, we are in the Github age, and I don't know if anyone is being very cautious. There are tons of great resources out there but it's all unmaintained, forgotten, not on PyPI. I would like for that to change.

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Awesome stuff mauve! :-)
This may sum up my approach.
Sounds good to me, as long as you put in at least some effort to cite your research sources ;-)