Game done.

We finished the game on time. The last couple of hours were pretty hectic. We managed to add highscores and death rays (actually paralysis rays, but "death ray" sounds cooler) during that time. Most of the game was made in the last two days. We weren't making a lot of progress earlier in the week, so we realised that we can't make the game that we set out to make. We changed our plans and finished in time.

Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies is a game where you play the role of the Frog Princess, and you are hungry. You must catch the cyborg fireflies with your tongue. The fireflies are clever though, and they disappear from sight very quickly, so you must use your ears to catch them. You have to be quick though, because the fireflies are cyborgs armed with death rays! (which paralyse you for a couple of seconds... kinda like death) You can manouver yourself using your tongue as a grappling hook. Don't spend all the time dangling around though, because you can only afford to miss 5 fireflies before the princess starves (she's very hungry). Catch 12 or more flies to enter the prestigous Princess List.

Download Frog Princess VS The Cyborg Fireflies