BUG: I can't vote on the games

Every time i load an entry page the vote menus disappear. They are only visible for a fraction of a second. I tried Camino, Safari and Opera.

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You have to click "Yes" to "Entry did not work". Seems to be the wrong way round.
Oh ok. Thanks.
Does that count?
Ah, looking at the HTML, it looks like that's a no - it seems to be marking the game as non-working.
I have submitted a fix to the Bitbucket - richard will need to pull and deploy.
Are only those who have submitted projects allowed to vote?
Thanks @mauve for the patch which I've applied.
@richard - you may need to do an announcement to get people to re-check any votes already cast. Anyone who has intended to mark a game as DNW will have rated it as 1, 1, 1.