Submitted: one fine game

Had a great time this Pyweek. We finished strong, and packagee up a treat of a game for you. The only requirement is Pygame this time around. (a teaser)

We tried very hard to use Python 3 but found that there were quite a few hurdles to getting a copy up and running on mac osx with pyglet or pygame. It took me a good few hours to work them out, so I figured that I wouldn't put anyone else into that same position!

The game comes with a requirements.txt file, useful for those of you using a virtualenv.

I'll end with a question for everyone else. Having made this game, is it easy to put into a form that anyone as tech savy as my Dad could download and play? I've used the py2exe in the past. py2exe is useful, but with so many windows versions available now (Windows XP all the way through to Windows 8) I'm not 100% certain of it working every time, and it providing a pleasant user experience. 

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My Dad isn't tech savy. He doesn't know how to send SMS or install Python, virtualenv and dependancies.
I've had good experience with Py2exe. It packages the interpreter too I think, so it will be quite self-contained.
Maybe time to revisit py2exe then!