Okey, the final Submission!

That was very hard week, and we want to thank you for that wonderful opportunity!

So, shortly about the Game:

It's about Pig Peter! He dreams to steal tractor and Escape from Russia! 

There are some objects in the game:
Cops - they are tries to arrest you!
Box - there're some score there
Hedgehog - slows you and gives a bit of score
Cleft - hits tractor
Gas station - to buy gas
Repair station - to repair tractor
Car shop - to buy bulldozer you have to pay 200 score
Buldozer - it requires more gas but protected better

Press the up/down to control Peter, left/right - to speed up/down.

The Goal is to get the maximum score, Enjoy!

YouTube (Video)

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*The most politically UNcorrect game
sorry for my mistake in the award.
nvm :> and thank you for that awesome awards ;)