Day Six - The Martian Cold

Overall a fairly good night on the game considering the (worthy) distractions and lingering cold. Started off with a little more work on the main character so they face 4 directions and are able to fire the ray gun in 4 directions. Moved that back to a beam weapon - just being realistic about time on that one. The Martians were tweaked and there is a horizontal 'dead' version of them too.

Plans for tomorrow are to get the ray gun to kill the upright Martians, making the Martians move and harm the player somehow. Add the tentacles too. Would be good to get the tripods in there - maybe just for show. 

Sound is the last bit - have a title screen track downloaded that suits it well. If all that is complete - perhaps add something more than survival as a goal.

First screenshot is the title screen work in progress and the second is in game. Hope I feel better tomorrow and have a good last session :-)