Day Three - Green Thing and the Purple Ray

A quick diary entry tonight... Started off fixing the rendering so that the player (green thing) was drawn at the right time to appear 'behind' objects. Tweaked the terrain colours then started on tonight's main task of putting the 'demo' code into the real game structure. Player now has health and can pick up objects - currently only a health boost. To finish off, I quickly added a ray gun (purple rectangle).

May not get much done tomorrow other than ideas whilst cycling the commute :-) Need some goals for the game... Maybe the trip to Mars wasn't the only One Way Trip!!

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cool look.
The martian surface looks awesome. I don't understand anything else at all.
Make the surface move to some music (dubstep). And let the player be thrown in the air by the movement to overcame obstacles. It would be the awesomest music game based on mars ever!