Last Train To Nowhere: Day 2

The main thrust of my effort today was in adding more detailed objects to the scenegraph. The scenegraph mainly allows me to group sprites and animations together as compound objects, but I have scenegraph nodes to do depth effects and some that implement animation though custom draw() methods. So the scenegraph consists of animated 2.5D objects, like this locomotive with animated piston linkage:

I'm also going to write the character animation system as a scenegraph node, so I can keep logic and presentation separate. This has been a problem in some of my previous projects - classes that represent, say, a player character, and deal both with its control and presentation, are quick to get up and running, but soon become very complicated. Having a clear interface for the logic to control the presentation should help manage that complexity.

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Wow, that looks super cool.  How are you drawing the graphics?
With Inkscape.
Incredible and very professional.  You've got talent.
I am the current Pyweek individual champion. I only get to say that for another 2 weeks, 4 days and 41 minutes though :)