One design down, one more to go

We planned ahead this time and came up with ideas for each theme last week. For One Way Trip it was "an artsy game about a dandelion seed". Apparently there is more than one possible implementation of that, and we spent today arguing the merits of two. One you will see later and I'll describe now the one you won't.

It would be a flight simulator for a dandelion seed. Wind would be very important and you could see the streams from the motion of fellow dandelion seeds. In a way you would be navigating this 3D maze in a tranquil valley. You would see "drops of sunshine" from afar and could collect them for points. They would each be located by a diorama and the narrator would say something wise when you reach them.

The grave above would be a diorama. Also these guys:


Flying up high would give a unique perspective too:

(You can see the grave in the top right.)

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How did you model these images?
Sculptris. It's free and very enjoyable to use.