Day One - Seeing Red and Green

My preconceived ideas for this PyWeek were a platform game of some sort or a sprite related experience. Couldn't fit anything along those lines into the theme so a clean slate - more in the spirit of PyWeek I suppose :-) 

A few Googles on the theme led to Mars which seems a common destination for this PyWeek. I put together a skeleton app then started work on a landscape generator just to get busy - midpoint displacement etc etc. I had hoped an idea would have popped into my head. Nothing. So kept busy with some graphical bits and bobs. Combining the sky effect with a pseudo 3d drawing of the landscape seemed to work so I tried having a character in there and added a few movement keys. It worked and the green block can walk on Mars though not quite as bouncy as John Carter.

So day one over and I don't know where this game is going but actually feels much more immersive and interactive than my last effort. Marscraft? :-)

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Although they are pretty simplistic, i like the visuals very much. I'm looking forward to playing it.