Warm up game: Archipylago

We started early this year, with a warm up game to try out Pyglet under Python 3 and to introduce my teammate Arnav, who I work with, to games programming.

This is a clone of an Android game called Archipelago in which islands exchange squadrons of aircraft to take over their neighbours. Our version looks like this:

Clone it from the Bitbucket repo if you'd like to play (requires Pyglet 1.2a and Python 3). Player is blue, AI is red. To play: click on one of your islands to select an origin island. Then click to select a destination to send a plane to - this costs half of the island's resources. Ctrl-Click selects multiple origin islands. You win if you eliminate the red team.

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I saw this 3 hours ago, and I was thinking about it, and I just got the meaning. Clever.

Looks like a good game, though a bit typical (I've seen a lot of games with that basic gameplay idea.)
Sure... the point of choosing this game was that we could write it in an afternoon.
You mean you have your pyglet game run on Android somehow? Can you point me to the docs how that can be done?

I've heard of (and used successfully) Pygame Subset 4 Android, but did not know pyglet works there too.
No, I don't mean that.
I can see now... :( I just misread the description the way I wanted it to be.... :)
Kivy allows python games to run on Android. It's not pyglet but it is capable in its own right.
It's a fun little game, that - nice one :).
Timely article about Kivy.