How not to fail at pyweek and then fail at pyweek

So i failed pretty much at this times pyweek. My first mistake was to stay awake to see the theme and then decide things in sleep deprivation. I decided to make a virus simulator where the player takes the role of a mad scientist who tries to design the most deadly virus. The simulation itself should have been a very complex cellular automata, which takes place at a map of the world (i spent some time to find the optimal map projection ;). But i don't went down this path as i knew that i couldn't had finished anything in time. So i did't make the same mistake as this guy How to fail at pyweek. So i had a new idea: i wanted to make a puzzle game based on the simulation of the virus rna in my previous idea. All went well to this point but then i lost focus. i did other things and finally i had only a few hours to code left. So i did something really simple based on the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction. The whole game consist only of pressing three buttons. If you don't want to loose you have to keep them pressed for eternity.

Pro and Cons in the feedback:
Some people didn't understand the idea.
There is a pyglet-windows bug in context of setting icons.
I should mention which version of pyglet and python i use.
The logo got someone to really want to play it.
The self drawn pixel font and the graphics are "hot".
The game is bizarre and somewhat amusing.
It cannot be called a game.
I confused some people.
It is more art than a game.

So in a summary: There are only pros! ;)
Apart from that i have to apologize to everyone who expected fun.

I found that python isn't my favorite programming language anymore :( In contrast to haskell it isn't as elegant and beautiful as before. Although it's still one of my favourites.

Hopefully i will finish a game next time!

So long,