Possibly-interesting stats

So I'm working on a talk and thought I'd figure out what the return rate is for PyWeek participants.

1083 participated only once
193 returned 2 times
99 returned 3 times
58 returned 4 times
24 returned 5 times
16 returned 6 times
21 returned 7 times
10 returned 8 times
9 returned 9 times
4 returned 10 times
1 returned 11 times
3 returned 12 times
438 participated more than once, or 28%

DNFs count :-)

These numbers don't include PyWeek 1 as that data is not in this system (yet .. one day, maybe, but correlating the users would be a nightmare)

No-one has participated all 14 times. Tee is the most committed having been in 13 PyWeeks. Greg Ewing comes in a close second with 12 (I'm pretty sure - I can't see an entry from him in PyWeek #1). Personally, I've had to skip a few so I've really only participated in 11.

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Cool; I'm one of 17 ;D
I think this is the first pyweek I've not entered since I discovered it; although I have many more DNF's than entries...
Thanks for sharing Richard - very interesting. Would be nice to know how many hits a diary entry gets :-)