Well it's coming down to the end

Well it looks like it's coming down to the end, and it looks like my idea of what midnight saturday is, is totally different then when this pyweek ends.

So it looks like I won't be finnishing my entry, but I still had fun, and I still have a little time so I'll try to see what I can do!

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The cashes on:
AttributeError: BunnyRun instance has no attribute 'bunny'
Is it known bug?

Hey Fidlej,

Sorry about that, yes that is a known bug, actually that code shouldn't even be in that version anymore as the idea of the game was that the bunnies were going to run around on their own and you could only control them by placing in/out holes in the ground, sort of like a lemmings type game.

So if you click you can add a down hole, and if you ctrl-click you can and ONE up hole, that the bunnies can fall through.

Of course the game isn't anywhere close to finished!

I know exactly what you mean selsine. I completely missed the first day of the last challenge.

Maybe, just to make it easier and avoid any further confusion, the challenge should start at 23:59 instead of midnight.
But there's a countdown on the top of the challenge website, which should hopefully clear up any confusion...