The 14th PyWeek is over, congratulations everyone!

Well done everyone who participated (even the DNFs :-)!

Congratulations to Mauvesoft Wasabi, our individual winner and the Super Effective team again!

There was a tallying error for a while there indicating different Individual winners; I had to manually mark a few DNW ratings to correct some ratings. A couple of users who indicated the game did not work for them, and rated Mauve's entry 1-1-1, did not check the "did not work" checkbox. Therefore those 1-1-1 ratings were counted in his tally - which is most certainly not what is supposed to happen - and dragged his score down. One other entry, Nanho Games Production, also had a rating that I had to fix in this manner.

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Thanks for sorting out the DNWs so quickly, Richard! I'm really happy about the ratings now. Thanks for the great games Mauve and Super Effective and everyone else! And also for the insightful feedback.
Thanks, Richard! And thanks for all your hard work throughout the contest in keeping the site running!
Thanks for looking out for everyone and congratulations to the winners!