Are individual ratings or comments going to be visible anytime?

Hi people, lot of games left to try? ;D

I'd like to know if it is possible to check ratings or comments.
Imagine, for example, my game is not working and someone write a comment on the rating page

Thanks in advance

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All your individual ratings and comments will be visible once the results of the competition are posted on Sunday, although they will be anonymous. They are hidden until then so that they do not affect the judging.
Ok, thanks for the info. So I guess in order to know that your game has problems someone needs to create a new message saying "your game crashes, fixed it!" :D
If the game has a diary entry, consider posting there instead of creating a new message. That way other people who are playing the game can more easily find the crash report, and the fix if there is one.
ok. I was leaving comments about some games crashing on their rating page

Thanks for the info