Is there going to be a torrent with all the entries in?

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Given the really low participation rate with previous torrents I was going to try an experiment and not do it this year...
There could possibly be adverse effects, I have personally always used the torrent and to my great astonishment there have always been several great entries that I did not know of.

A possible adverse effect could be that many games are left untried because they look insignificant enough on the entries list.
I think the ratings are going to be skewed regardless due to the order they are presented. I find the torrent useful though.
Mat: Good news! The entries are displayed in a random order for everyone to remove this bias.
Oh, cool.
I was waiting for the torrent to show up as well.  It bothers me that I have to spend so much time manually clicking links for the games when in the past I could just download them all at once.
I would download a torrent.
Same I was looking for the torrent , makes batch playing and marking much easier
I would have preferred a torrent too.
The torrent is a good alternative but I don't see any problem going to the entries list, select one, play and vote. One each time.
Once a game is voted is marked as rated (in green color) so you just need to go for the red ones ;D

In my opinion it id easy the way it is now
Downloading one at a time is working fine for me. It's not much hassle.

The dependency pain is another issue tho :-/ Python is too fragmented these days.
The most annoying thing is getting tar bombed. With the torrent it was already divided into subdirectories, so you just had to extract everything.

Totally agree about dependencies. I have run into a lot of trouble this time round due to running old versions.

I wonder if it would be useful to compile a list of the most common libraries and have a guide to set them all up on windows/linux/mac?
I for one would like instructions on how to set up pygame on osx snow leopard.
superjoe: Does not work as expected? It worked for me.

It is indeed tricky to get all entries running...
well, hello! um, that seems victorious!