1) As soon as you win your very first random encounter, go back into town and buy potions! The first 3 potions are extremely cheap!

2) The cost of potions depends on how many you are currently carrying.

3) Keep 3 dinosaurs with their ultimate abilities ready for every boss fight.

4) Don't hesitate to use the 3 other dinosaurs ultimate abilities during regular random encounters.

5) Turn order makes it so your top dinosaur can revive a lower character and get him to act in the same turn, so put your beefy characters at the top.

6) Potions will revive dead people!

7) Cows have low magic resistance.

8) Buy potions! The first few are extremely cheap. They are _so_ good.


Ultimate abilities:
Triceratops: Reduces incomming magic damage by 2/3rds for 6 turns
Ankylosaurus: Heals your _full_ party back to full. (yes, all 6 dinosaurs.)
Velociraptor: Doubles his auto attacks, and makes them leech back health.
Brachiosaurus: Deals a ton of damage to all enemies on the screen. (It will clear up most random encounters in one hit)
Plesiosaur: Deals some magic damage to all enemies on the screen, and restores all MP to your _full_ party. (all 6 dinosaurs)
Pterodactyl: Returns him to full life and full MP, and makes him regenerate even more health and MP in the following turns.

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Great game. Normal mode is VERY HARD. Took me 6 tries to beat the DJ. 1 try to beat the final boss, and I accidentally did it with the 3 bad dinos. The tips above are very helpful.

My response to the screenshot below is, "AHHHH!!!"