Some more progress.

There's a version of the game up now. You need pyOpenGL and pygame to run it.

You can now climb stairs and walk around, and the level is saved in a file. The game has joystick support and other cool stuff, so try it out.

Skalle on 2006/09/09 17:01 of skellapptice

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ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/OpenGL/GL/ARB/ undefined symbol: glCompressedSubTexImage1DARB


You apparently don't have support for opengl texture compression. This is the case when using software rendering with MESA. The game only runs fine with hardware rendering, with software it's way too slow.

So. If you want to try it anyway, just make two small changes to
1: remove the second import-statement (the one with ARB)
2: change GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_ARB to GL_RGBA (one occurence)

I definitely have hardware OpenGL rendering; I play UT2K4 all the time. I'm not sure why PyOpenGL isn't picking it up, or isn't picking up the texture compression bits.