The end of another Pyweek

Well, and so another Pyweek ends.

As expected, earlier today I was desperate thinking that I wouldn't be able to deliver anything. I did have a lot of things ready, but two hours before deadline I still had zero gameplay. I had to rush a lot of code in in these last two hours and, in the end, I think it didn't turn out so bad. Gameplay still feels sloppy, but at least it gives the player a taste of what I was aiming for, which is enough to make me satisfied.

I think I was a little ambitious this time -- the original plan was significantly larger. At one point I had to cut off actually firing the death ray, which made me sad. Next time I should try something smaller. Smaller projects usually work better.

Go ahead and give it a play. I enjoy reading constructive feedback, so let me know what you think. I should write a postmortem in the future. Looking forward to playing your games.

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Played the game (until the end!) but it took me a few tries to understand how to play it.
So, here's a quick guide:

General Tips
- You have to place turrets to get rid of those monsters
- You need workshops to build turrets
- You need a research lab to make the workship build better turrets or improve your speed.
- You don't need a Defense Station or an Energy Reactor because they are not finished yet :)

Main areas
- Main Controls 
- Rooms with their Room Controls
    (those 4 cabinet like computers on the right, and there's more of them further right)
- Incinerator

How to build a Room:
The rooms are grey and with a generic background at first: it's up to you to transform them into Workshop, Research Labs and such!
- Go to the Main Controls
- Choose Distill Core and then Workshop in the menus (In the menus, X = select, C= cancel)
- Go to a Room Control and press X again: the room will become a workshop!

Using a Workshop:
When the room is a Workshop, you can use Room Controls to tell it to build a turret.
When the turret is ready, pick it up with C and then drop it somewhere else (C again) to make space and build another one.
TIp: you can still interact with Room Controls when you are carrying a Turret
At first, you can build only 1 type of turret, you have to use a Research Lab to build better ones.

Using a Research Lab:
Create it like you created a Workshop.
Instead of choosing to Build a Turret, here you can research new type of turrets (more damage to those green things!) or speed boots (you'll go faster!)
While the Lab is researching, you will see sparks flying inside it. 
Once the research is over, the new type of turret researched will appear in the workshop menu, or, if you selected speed boots, you'll go faster
Be careful, if you select a Lab while it is still researching, the only option will be to disassemble the room...unless you really want to dismantle it, press C to exit the menu! 

Hope it helps :)
Thanks for the guide, BlueDragon. That's perfect. :)