This is science... please be indulgent?

Pfew, I finally made it!

Lesson 1: make sure you have time to do something when you enter pyweek.
Lesson 2: make sure your teammates have time to do something when forming a team.

I didn't have time, and neither my teammates. Actually, besides the mad scientist sprite, everything is my own work, and the team, well, didn't really exist.

So, the core engine and the first level were written during the first three days, and the second level during the last one.

Of course, the game was supposed to be much longer, etc., but well...

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hi! I like the arts of the game but just after the lab goes dark I just can jump. Am i missing something?
I read the readme y tried different things but I can't do anything except jump

Thanks in advance :)
I figured it out xD, I just needed to jump to the right. I think I finished the first level

Love the graphics!! good work :) Which program did u use?
There are only two levels, the first one (the lab) is exactly how I planned, but the second level... well, I've crammed everything I could during the last few hours.
I've used mtpaint and The Gimp for the graphics.