Last Day - The Cure

The last day of PyWeek, and I'm done! Sure there's probably a bit more polish I could do, but as I figure it, I've worked a bit over 100 hours this week on the game, and I'm mostly happy with it. At least, I accomplished my own goals, which is all I want out of this.

PyWeek, for me, is an opportunity to spend a week learning different skills from those I use at my day job. I write software for a living, but games are bit of a different breed. Getting out of my comfort zone for a week and learning how to write something new is well worth it to me. So, every year, I take off a week for one PyWeek and basically do nothing but code. It's exhausting at the end, but I haven't regretted it yet.

Honestly, I don't even care if anyone plays my game. To me, it's not about that. That said, I hope it works for people and I hope you enjoy it at least a bit :)