Soon, my lovelies. Soon...

We still have a lot of work to do, but it's starting to come together. Unfortunately, I get on an aeroplane tomorrow and spend most of the last 16 hours of pyweek (and the 20 after that) in the air, so I won't be around for the finish.

We gained a tech tree visualization script yesterday, and I spent part of the afternoon tweaking it to draw more useful pictures:
Tech tree
While this won't show up in the actual game, the script to generate it will be in the source package.

We also overhauled the mission infrastructure and added support for actually using equipment statistics. This means that your lightning guns are more powerful than the standard pistols you start with. (As long as they don't fail spectacularly and electrocute your entire squad of minions.)

The GUI saw some improvements, but still isn't anywhere close to what we'd like. The bulk of the heavy lifting has been done, and we have a solid set of widgets and such, but we need to add a big bucket of "pretty" to it.

We've also started getting the packaging sorted out, mostly because Nitwit's creativity failed him and he needed something tedious to reignite it. (I hope that happens soon, because we need him to crank out missions and equipment.)

Tonight, I conquer my packing. Tomorrow, the world!

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That's a tech tree!?  WHOA!  I can't wait to play!!