Using c64 chip tunes?

As far as I am aware, the music from the 80's era commodore 64 is no longer under copyright.  Would it be acceptable to include it in my retro platformer?


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To clarify: that's the law in the US. It could well be different in other countries.
Because they are available in HVSC and freely distributed.  Thanks for the info about copyright.  Looks like I'll be raiding Kevin MacLeod's library.
Just because someone has ripped something from a game and put it online for free download doesn't mean they actually have permission to do so from the original creators.

See also all the sprite set download sites which are almost entirely assets ripped from commercial games from the 90s.
I note that the HSVC site FAQ includes:

HVSC adds music from games and C64 scene programs (whether they be from demos, stand-alone music packs, or disk magazines) which have been released into the public domain.

So it's probably safe to use. Dubious though.