Day 5 - Everything working

Wow, everything is going so well. No errors, everything working exactly as it should. It is working so well that I will upload a demo! Good luck.

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Mmm sorry to burst your bubble, but I can't run it. It seems to skip one yellow screen, then it says press any key to enter, and it's not accepting any key :/ nor giving any error. Hitting escape seems to exit.
I'm running it in an ubuntu 64bits machine
I have the same experience as Willyfrog.
Hmmm, is this the screen?

It is actually accepting the key presses because there has to be a key press for escape to quit. It seems to work on windows.
In the data files there are level files called Level1.txt, Level2.txt ect. for every line "Image,[image file]" delete that line. it won't display the image but you should be able to play the game.