An idea

So sunday and monday and were lost due to staying in bed all day, but I'm finally ready to begin working on my entry :)

I want to make a simple game where you have to escape the rising grey goo by jumping to higher and higher platforms (with the aid of a jet pack of course)

Each level the game will get faster and the platforms narrower, and if I have time I'll add some simple enemies and/or obstacles to avoid.

I have the rest of the week off work so that gives me 2 full days coding and 1 day for polish & packaging

Tonight I'll try and plan out the architecture and maybe try and get the physics/camera working. This should be a lot simpler than my last entry as I'm generating the levels dynamically rather than dealing with maps.

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Hey, my first PyWeek game was about grey goo! I originally wanted to make it a platformer, but wound up going with a RTS because it was easier. That game had a lot of problems.... Good luck to you! :)
Thanks! I'll have to check that out after the compo :D

All is going well so far. I've hacked Richard's tmx library to pieces and created a scrolling camera that will let me generate tiled platforms...

Tomorrow: physics!
Richard made a tmx library too? Or are you using DR0ID's?
Yeah, it was part of the PyCon talk:
Yeah, I didn't really like the API or feature set of existing TMX loaders so rolled my own.
awww, you should be using my tmx loader :)