Decent at Python, noob at game dev

Ok, so...

I'm Aexis. I have decent experience with Python and I've made some games with it, but I've never used any of the popular libraries. That is to say, I've never made a game with graphics or sound. Yep. All-text terminal games.

This is my first game compo, period. I've had a tab with the Pygame site open for some time, and when I saw something on the news posts about a game compo I clicked the link and ended up here. I signed up and completely forgot that I have a lot of other things to do this week...

So since the first few days I didn't have time for/forgot PyWeek, if I make and release any game it'll be basic. But the primary thing is that I do have a Python text adventure game... thing (it's not a proper library because you can't import things from it, but it is a framework) that I was interested in using. It's called pystage. (I adopted the lowercase naming convention because it looked consistent.

By the competition rules, that might count as a codebase, but it's just a basic structure to follow to get the game to work the way most TAGs do. And I was interested in releasing that, too, but I'm not sure through what channels I'd go about doing that. I'm hoping, then, that this Discussion board is similar to a forum.

For anyone who could answer:
1. Does this discussion-board/forum stay open after this PyWeek ends? If not, is there another place on or related to this site I can go to continue publicly and perhaps collaboratively working on pystage?
2. I am doing all of my stuff in Python 3.2.3. Would the majority of PyWeek prefer I use Python 2.x?
3. Seriously, pystage is just "start with a few variables, go into a few major while loops, then make the rooms into if blocks, getting input from the player with a basic input() prompt, etc." (3.x replaced raw_input() with input().) Can I use it and not be called a cheater?

More questions later. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yes, I believe it does.
  2. Probably so - I've never seen a Python 3 entry here - but it's a minor inconvenience at best
  3. I can't answer that - that would be better left to richard to answer (his email is at the bottom of the pyweek site)
Good luck with your text adventure game!
  1. Yes it does, but it's quiet (though there is an RSS feed people can subscribe for new posts.)
  2. It's time people moved on :-)
  3. Yeah, that's very close to cheating if you use a bunch of code that no-one else has access to that you wrote before the comp. On the other hand we're not really all that strict around here :-)
2.  I wish.  Seems every time I try, I run into *yet another* library that doesn't work with it. :-\
If it's "just start with a few variables, jump into a few loops" then there's a lot to be said for a complete rewrite for Pyweek. It will ensure you a) are not cheating and b) make it better/learn from your experience.

I'm pretty sick of rewriting the same(ish) stuff time and time again now, but on the other hand I have a good picture of how to write various components well - good approaches versus bad, what features are needed, etc. It's probably time I created a proper tested/documented library for some of my code.