Day 2, 3 and first screenie!

So everything is going swell so far, these two days been flying by like crazy.

Ive done my first towertype and got a simple wave-system for the enemies working. So with just a tad more work the game should actually be playable.

Tomorrow I hope to get done some more towertypes, should go alot quicker since my baseclass is up and running fine. I also hope to get started on some basic ui soon.

Id like to finish the code pretty soon so that I can spend some time on the art, Im a crappy artist so it probably wont look alot nicer then the placeholders Ive allready made but it would be nice to at least give it a try :)

Also need to put some more time into my story and come up with a name for the game :)

Check the entrypage for a early look on the game :)

/ T