Day 2: Everything's coming up Millhouse!

The Cure is coming along nicely. Today's achievements include collision detection, a projectile weapon, improved AI for the infected, much improvements in the level editor (including undo, redo, and multiple spritesheets), and much of level 1.

I also finalized (I believe) the plot and gameplay mechanics.

This is largely going to be more about story telling than a super innovative game. Let's just get that out of the way. I think it'll be enjoyable, though. And just 3 levels, so no excuse not to finish.

I have screenshots up at Right now, it seems more stable than PyWeek's screenshot uploading.

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It looks great :)
Looks awesome :) did u create all the arts? Hope to play soon
That artwork is great! Where did you find it? Don't forget you need to have permission to use artwork from the creator of the artwork.