Day One Complete - Ideas, Story and Foundations. Oh Trees too.

'Mad Science' was one of my preferred themes for PyWeek this time around. Last time I did an action game in a one screen area. This time I wanted a big space to explore. I was thinking an RPG/adventure but leant over towards more of an action game.

So the story is a plan to environmentally enhance polluted land goes wrong when a rogue researcher uses an accelarent to speed things up. This mad science leads to a valley creeping with strange new life and you are right in the middle of it. Your only hope is to find the missing components of the device and try and stabalise the situation.

First technical decision was over GFX - I decided to avoid paint packages and go down the generative route using primitives. I wanted the world to be any size (so user can have short or long games). I also wanted to work in any resolution (640by480 + 800by600 so far) and possibly be converted to JS/HTML5. Spent some time looking at sound - will add nearer the end of the week as otherwise they will drive me crazy :-)

Anyway some screen shots. Trees and plants are important to this game. Boxes here are more about defining boundaries for now but there is a playable area to 'walk' around:


Wanted to compare all my colours at once so created a colour chart:

Code is pretty good so far - well organised compared to last time and a decent framework for adding new things. Early night tonight for some sleep. Time management going fine - fitted in family, dog, church, garden and even some TV.

Glanced over a few of the other diaries - look very ambitious compare to my simple game. Want to get a plan together for the week and a TODO list. Keep at it everyone :-) !!