Day 1: Success!

I can't adequately put into words how much I've been looking forward to PyWeek this year. I was so excited about both the Mad Science and Secret Lair choices that I couldn't decide which to even vote for. I think, though, that this will turn out quite well.

This is my second PyWeek, and I learned a lot from the last one on what to do and what not to do. So far, I think I've had a pretty strong start.

My game is named "The Cure." Without going into too much of the plot, my game is about an unexpected outbreak resulting from a promising cancer cure. It's caused people to go out of their minds as they hallucinate and attack whoever wanders by. You're the scientist who worked on the new cancer drug, and it's you vs. the world now.

It's an overhead-style game, making use of variations of the First Seed Material graphics sets.

So far, I have a working game engine with camera controls, basic animation, level loading, a custom level editor, and very rough AI.

I can't believe how fast today has gone, but it's been a great start. I'm really excited for tomorrow :D

Once screenshots are unbroken on, I'll put something up.