Map Projections and more Bugreports

Now i drew the map.

I'm using Peirce quincuncial projection because it looked interesting. Objectively it's a bad choice because distances are very improper but however it's not important because it wont be realistic either way.

I'm getting Server-Error 500 messages again when i'm trying to upload something. It was only fixed for a short period of time. Would it help if i change my entry title to something normal? Sorry for the inconveniences i put you in by using weird letters, Richard! ;-)

Also i apologize for those misplaced images in my first diary entry. My browser has some SVG bugs so that i didn't saw them.

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I've red that the upload forms don't only work on my entry but also not on others.
I'm 100% sure that isn't ↑ idiomatic or makes sense but it is nearly 8 'o clock in the morning. ;D