Girl Genius?

With Mad Science as the theme, the idea of a Girl Genius related game is too obvious to ignore. How would people feel about that? The Foglios seem to be pretty tolerant towards fan fiction, and have even published some of it on their own site.

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Hmm, sounds like it could be allowed... I would definitely try contacting them about it though.
Okay, I've sent them a message, but they no doubt get a lot of mail, so it's anybody's guess whether I'll get a reply in time to make a difference. I'll press on in the meantime on the assumption that it's okay.
Just got a reply from Studio Foglio -- they're totally okay with the idea.

So, full steam ahead!


Hello Greg,

Not only OK but encouraged!
For extra bonus appreciation, you can include a mention of our comic and our URL.

If it's something you're allowed to let other people in on (not exclusive to your contest or anything) we would also love to see your game once you've finished it - just for fun.

Thank you for your enthusiasm,

Alice Bentley
Assistant to the Professors
Studio Foglio

On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 12:25 AM, Greg Ewing <> wrote:

    The theme chosen for this season's PyWeek game programming
    competition is "Mad Science", which of course is screaming
    out for a Girl Genius based entry. Since you seem to be
    very tolerant toward fan fiction in general, I figured you
    probably wouldn't mind, but I've been advised to ask anyway.

    It's all totally non-commercial and purely for fun. The
    resulting game will be open source. No artwork from your
    comics will be used.

    More info about PyWeek can be found here:

    Gregory Ewing