And so it begins

So after a long wait from last pyweek, im super keen to get started, desk has been cleared off so I can get my laptop on it, the writing all over my mirror from last pyweek has been cleaned off, ready for new scribbling and jotting down of ideas and problems.

My goals for this pyweek are to make some kind of multiplayer game so we will see how that turns out.

I am pretty happy with the theme but was kind of hoping for "everything goes to hell" so I could roll in a bunch of quotes from Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" into whatever I ended up making.

I think what I would like to make is a game a bit like battleships, but more complicated with a range of buildings that provide different effects such as, attacks, shields etc. All in the theme of mad science, so bring on the robots, chemicals and lasers.

Also to satisfy my inner need for numbers and graphs I have made up some, little scripts to log all mouse an keyboard data from during pyweek so I can make up some graphs after pyweek is over.