It begins

The theme is "mad science" and i have no idea. :-βŠ‚
So firstly i made a logo for my entry. But unfortunately i get an server-error if i try to upload it. :-(
However i've got half of a pizza and an africola left so everything is just fine. : βŠƒ

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Accursed unicode errors. Thanks for ... helping me find them ;-)
I believe I've fixed the upload form issue.
No problem ; )
Even my entry title is an esoteric unicode character but everything works nice. Where are the unicode errors? I can't see anything. Is it server-side? The upload forms still aren't working.
The errors are, unfortunately, deep in Django's form generation code which gives almost no indication what the cause of the error might be :-(
Yeah, it works!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much!
OK, I've tried another fix. Please give it another go. If this doesn't work then I'm going to have to try something more drastic which will take longer and not likely be fixed in the next 24 hours.