Day 7 - Final Countdown

It has been done.

After long hours of hard work and hard hours of long work, countless votings concerning the title of our phantasm, "Mutate You Must" is the name of the game.

Today, or merely tonight, was all about creating most of our epic 14 level strong campaign, importing and implementing all the assets, graphics as well as sound and bringing all of our stuff together.

We also had a little bit of playtesting with some friends, who were not involved in our game for to check out the playability and beginner-friendliness of the levels, starting off with the tutorial.

Deployment issues had to be cleaned out, linux and windows should work fine, but there will probably be some patching later on today.

That's it, we hope you all enjoy the games and we look forward to checking out all the other ones!

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Tomorrow is monday, YAY!
Mac propably doesnt work yet, will test it on my brothers tommorrow.