More or less done - please beta test!

Well its about as finished as it's going to get. (I may have time to do one more level but I won't be adding more code).

I wasn't able to get a lot of testing done so if you could all just play through and tell me anything that's wrong with it in the next hour that would be super :D


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Simple yet interesting platformer. I've played only a few levels but I didn't run into any issue.
I would have expected Escape to close the game though, but you're handling window close events correclty so that's really minor.
Works here as well!

Please give the archive and the directory better names than "pyweek13". That may uniquely identify it on your hard drive, but not among all the submitted entries :).
Thanks! I'll rename that now :)
ThibG, I agree, although if I did that it should really have a confirmation screen so the user doesn't press it by accident. Unfortunately I'm out of time now, so I'll have to leave it, but thanks for the feedback.
works for me, but i can't go to the right
Could you elaborate on that HerzogIgzorn? You can't move at all?
i can use the space bar and the up, down and left button.
when i press the right button nothing happens and if i hold down the right butten i move a little bit to the right and then jumb back to the start position
Crap... sounds like the physics is completely broken :(

I'll see if I can reproduce it tomorrow. If I can I'll release a bugfix version alongside the final submission.
For me going right works, kind of. Going right is a little bit slower than going left and from screen to screen going right gets slower and slower.
i started your game several times and sometimes i can go to the right but extremely slow and sometimes i can not go to the right
Ok found the problem. It's because I'm using floats for my pygame rects like an idiot, so the values are being truncated. It will affect you more or less depending on the framerate.

Will update when I've fixed it. I hope it's not breaking the rules if I fix it today?
I think it would be annoying for everyone not to fix it? Its a bug which did not occure on your machines and would make the game unplayable for many.
Well, I uploaded a new version which I think should fix the problem. Would you mind testing it again?
Yep, for me it is. :)
Awesome :D Thanks!
now i can move to the right ;) yeeeha