Wake me, when you need me: final submission

I've slaved over this project for a week, time to call it for now.  It is playable, but there's no objective, and tons of bugs.  toss any fix ideas my way, and I'll look into creating a better version on pygame.org soon.

and now for an emotion filled closing...

This is an unfinished game.  My apologies to those who were looking forward to a full game, I had no chance of making a full platformer from scratch.  I will continue development at some point in the future, but for right now, this is all that I can do.  Thanks goes to Eggfu, for helping with a collision problem, and to saluk, for reminding me to create the ragdoll background with pygame.SRCALPHA.  Thanks also to Richard for making this competition possible.  I submit in peace since I know that this is the closest I've gotten to a complete game ever.  Thanks again, and congrats to the winner!

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Most innovative approach to level storage...

self.array = pygame.surfarray.array2d(pygame.image.load(self.conf.get("meta", "blockdata")))
self.tempdata = [[block.Block(dict(self.conf.items(str(x))), self) for x in y] for y in self.array]

Jerith, you gave a relevant award. Were you able to get the game working?
@cyhawk I thought it ingenious, as the tiles themselves can react to the changes in the game, and I happen to love nested array generators (the name of the actual term I cannot remember)
It's just that I'm getting entirely different numbers than you. My pygame interprets the numbers as signed, so they are all negative. I fixed that, but it also uses a different PNG color profile, so there are small differences in non-gray colors.
cyhawk: It was a combination of stripping color-correction data out of the PNGs, reordering the bytes in the integer and drinking lots of coffee. The coffee may have been the key.

I ended up printing out all the numbers from the surface (in hex) and all the number in the conf file next to each other and just fiddling with masking and byte ordering until they matched.

By the way, I don't really check the messageboard here all that often, to best to ping me on IRC when you want me without a multiday lag. :-)
Wow! That route is not open to me unfortunately — I don't drink coffee :). Could you share the fixed files? Maybe we have the same color correction. Thanks!
I'm not sure if I have them any more. I ran them through various iterations of pngcrush with an assortment of "no, strip *all* the cruft" parameters that I found on the interwebnets. I still had to hack the code to reorder the colour value bytes after doing that, so merely stripping the PNGs probably isn't enough.
Thanks, I'll probably give pngcrush a try sometime then!