Day 6 - 5am

Much performance optimization done today. Using texture atlases now and mipmapping makes it look much better on various resolutions. Some new sounds, a little bit of creepy music and interactions between creeps. A few minor but nice particle effects were added too. The first missions are finished, tomorrow will mainly be polishing and making it fun + menus and mac/linux testing. Revision 350! Time to go to bed, good night... wait, DAMN, a name is still missing :(

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I have a feeling that the colors of the path (and maybe the buildings as well?) are determined by something... Or is it just a pretty map?
:) The "Drunks" boost the path and make other creeps 'n it faster, how this happens is beyond me. The red path symbolizes when this speedup effect will time out. Building are not colored yet, still determining how to visualize some values in-game.