Bunnies free for a limited time only!

I had to upload the current version! If you have five minutes (and Pyglet installed) check it out:
There is not much to do yet, but there is something awesomely wrong about the genetic system.


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Looking good! I don't have time to try it out but I do recommend you bundle pyglet with your game to save problems with people installing the wrong version (since the repository head is significantly different to the last public release).
Good point, thanks!
I forgot to say: I uploaded a screenshot of what the results of the buggy inheritance looked like. I've fixed it since then — the world is more boring place now.
Is this bug really fixed in the archive? I'm getting results similar to your screenshot.
Anyway, your game looks really good, the small animations of the rabbits are a really nice touch, too. Great job!
No, it's fixed on my hard drive :). The archive will be an eternal memento of what horrible offspring two bunnies would have if the gene locations were not synchronized on the parents.

Thanks for trying it, I was wondering if it would be able to run on someone else's computer :).
I managed to make a dnd beholder. If you "fix" this too much I'm going to send an army of beholders to make you "fix" it back :P

I guess they are more "eyeballs" then "beholders" but eyeballs are still freaky!
You should definitely allow a small chance of random horrible mutations!
Not to worry :). In the current version normal bunnies usually produce normal offspring, but you can buy a Mutator and bombard them with mutating radiation as much as you like. Or buy an expensive Digitalizer that allows you to edit their genome in your favorite text editor and watch the effects whenever you save.

I think I'll settle for these three ways of creating new genomes (breeding, mutating, editing). I planned on having detailed in-game editing with retroviruses and what not but it looks like the week is too short.

I just got game saving/loading working. I'll add a title screen and sounds now then more body parts and pre-made creatures and, if I still have time, some challenges that the player can complete.
Sweet but what do I do with the eyes?